CPD – Natural Building Technologies

Andrew Black Design held a CPD by Natural Building Technologies (http://www.natural-building.co.uk/) attended by office staff and local single practitioners based around Dundee.

Natural Building Technologies (NBT) is a technical sales company who lead the UK in sustainable building materials and systems for the mainstream construction market. They work closely with suppliers, partners and clients to ensure cost effective, high performance solutions for sustainable construction.

The CPD covered the Pavaclad and Diffutherm Timber Frame Concstruction and also the Thermaplan Ziegel Blockwork System.

Pavaclad – Pavaclad uses Pavatherm Plus boards, under your choice of cladding to provide over-clad insulation and waterproofing in a fast and simple construction system.

Diffutherm – Diffutherm boards have a surface designed to render directly onto. This means that Diffutherm is a fast and simple external insulation system, with superb performance – as well as being highly sustainable.

Thermoplan – Fundamentally, Thermoplan is faster and simpler to build with, will outperform other masonry systems and yet offers similar built costs.


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