New Beveridge House – Planning Approved

This bespoke one off house has recently been awarded planning approval for a wooded site within the Scottish borders.

The house site extends to 34 acres in all, with the actual house plot sitting within a clearing of around an acre looking over the fishing pond. The house lies within the former policies of Rachan estate and makes up a large proportion of the plantation forestry, established as part of the estate management, after the war. The project has been developed over the last two years, with outline planning consent previously gained by the client.

Outline planning consent was gained for the house and centred on a forestry management plan to firstly thin, and then maintain the plantation due to the many years of neglect the forest had suffered. Central to that management plan was the introduction of a large house to create a focus for the forestry’s management and future development.

Using a palate of materials such as polished sandstone, stained western red cedar and large areas of glazing, we have created a contemporary individual house design. The house consists of two distinct wings centred on a courtyard, with the double height entrance tower creating the hub between the wings. The south west facing courtyard will be the centre of the formal garden, overlooking the pond, with the surrounding landscaping blending in to the forest beyond to minimise the impact of the house within its setting.

The south wing mainly incorporated the living spaces with a double height space to the core of the wing bringing in light to the heart of the plan. The north wing includes the majority of the bedrooms and ancillary accommodation. The house will be purely heated from a ground source heat pump incorporated into the garden ground.

Development of the project is moving on at pace with a site start envisaged for late in the summer and completion within 9 months.


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