Planning Approval for Major Development

Andrew Black Design has gained planning approval for a high profile residential development in the grounds of Perth College. When the original scheme, designed by a well known developer, was initially refused, the Client wanted to re-address the concept and Andrew Black Design was brought on board to re-design the scheme and introduce a more appropriate masterplan.

The site is currently split into three very distinct sections and as such we have addressed the architecture and planning of the three areas, while still providing a common architectural language.

North Section – Fundamental to the approach has been the concept of maintaining the visual link to the woodland beyond, which was so harshly removed in the previous scheme. By placing three distinct pavilions to the north boundary we have allowed the street elevation to be viewed not as a one block but as individual buildings. This allows the visual transparency and views of the woodland beyond.

South Section – This section of the site is primarily of a two storey domestic nature and has been planned and designed in keeping with the previous planning application. The house types have been updated and the exterior materiality has been designed to match the architectural language of the entire site.

Middle Section –The concept has been to place 4 pavilion style buildings in the landscape with landscaping and car parking situated to the south of the buildings. These pavilions allow the transparency and visual permeability to the site, which was lacking from the previous scheme, while still creating the soft edge to the buildings at the top of the slope. Architecturally the buildings mirror the materiality of the south dwellings and the north pavilions.



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